Empowering Local Business Owners to

Regain Freedom from their Utility Providers

Commercial Solar Panels in Simi Valley

With Advanced Solar Technology Save on Operating Costs

Our team at SunPower™ by Energy Plus Solar are dedicated to providing customers with access to a reliable power source for their businesses and offer affordable solar options for all commercial spaces. Due to the high energy demand placed on commercial solar panels, we recommend consulting with our experienced solar panel specialists to receive the maximum benefit from your new solar energy system.

Solar panels help lower your carbon output, enable you to generate your own renewable source of energy, and save on your business's overall utility bills.

Do you think solar panels are right for your commercial space? Find out more about our particular brand of commercial solar panels by reaching out to our Simi Valley solar power experts at (805) 468-4864.

Simi Valley Solar Panel Installation

Expert Solar Technicians Serving Large & Small Businesses

We are proud to be a trusted local source for the internationally acclaimed brand of SunPower™ by Energy Plus Solar. As a locally Simi Valley solar panel installation company, we enjoy providing small business owners the opportunity to save on operating costs; however, due to our wide range of products, we are also able to serve large commercial spaces.

Solar power helps companies in every industry, including:

  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Grocery stories
  • Government buildings
  • Industrial properties

Helping Your Simi Valley Company Go Green

Making your business more energy efficient not only shows your customers that you care about the environment but businesses boasting an energy efficient solar panel system can earn tax incentives and improve your image as a responsibly-minded entity.

Our solar panels are the most powerful models available to commercial spaces. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with access to this reliable, renewable energy source. We've served Southern California for more than two decades; let us use our skills and experience to help your company go green this year!

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