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Why Choose Our Simi Valley Solar Company?

We Offer Freedom from Traditional Utilities, Lower Energy Bills & Benefits for the Environment

Confused about making the switch to solar? Our team at SunPower™ by Energy Plus Solar helps our business and residential customers better understand their options when it comes to installing beautiful, powerful solar panels. For more than 20 years, our solar energy installation company has offered customers the chance to voice their concerns in a safe space and returning honest answers to help make informed decisions. We can break down the cost for you, as well as discuss the numerous benefits that installing solar panels can have on your home or commercial space.

We want to help you save money now by keeping your new solar system tax-free. Find out more about our Simi Valley solar power options and affordability by calling (805) 468-4864.

Ready to Answer Your Questions

Many of our customers ask:

  • Why is the up-front installation so expensive?
  • Are we sure this technology is reliable?
  • Can my home actually support the panels?

During a free consultation, we can show you the best location for your panel installation to help minimize the aesthetic impact on your home. We also help you calculate your costs and savings to see how much you'll save over the next few years. Many homeowners are also pleased to discover that solar panels can increase the overall value of your residence.

Advanced Solar Technology for Maximum Efficiency

When you install panels with SunPower™ by Energy Plus Solar, you can rest easier knowing you are receiving superior solar panels backed by the latest technology in the industry. The panels are powered by Maxeon-quality cells, which produce up to 75% more energy than our competitors.

We work hard to make your Simi Valley solar panel installation easy and affordable. Ready to have your own source of reliable energy? Contact SunPower™ by Energy Plus Solar at (805) 468-4864 to find out more about your options!

Our Mission

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To surpass customer expectations in the fields of customer service and craftsmanship while providing the work at a competitive price.